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Wedding Planning 101: 7 Reasons why you MUST hire a professional wedding DJ.

Often we meet with brides who have friends or family members who want to pitch in goods or services for their weddings. Our suggestion is usually to hire professionals for every service and allow your friends and family to be guests at your wedding but sometimes due to budget or time constraints, that simply can't be done. Sometimes, someone you know offers an exceptional creative job that can't be duplicated. We're always delighted when that happens. However, if there's one spot that simply has to be filled by a professional, it's the DJ. 

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1. The DJ must understand the flow of a wedding reception.
Even a seasoned club DJ will feel out of his element at a wedding if he's not familiar with the flow of a wedding.  I can remember a wedding where the DJ played line dance music immediately following the couple's first dance, before dinner had been served.  Guests joined in on the dance floor and then had to be asked to return to their tables so we could serve dinner and begin the toasts.

2. The DJ should also serve as an MC for your reception.
Although we don't mind pitching in when needed, you hire us to coordinate your event, not entertain your guests.  However, when professional DJ's aren't involved, we find that we are often asked to double as MC's for the wedding - announcing the bridal party and special dances.  Professional DJ's invest in specialized vocal training and practice their performance.  You should trust these services to a professional speaker, not just anyone.

3. Your guests won't dance without an experienced DJ.
An experienced entertainer can read the crowd and knows exactly which songs to play to keep the party going.  Also if he/she can't "mix" from one song to the next there will be interruptions or "dead air" frustrating your guests and clearing the dance floor and ultimately your party.  If there's one thing that will cause your reception to end early, it's a bad DJ.  You should enjoy every minute of the time you've paid for.

4. They have to work with your other hired vendors.
A professional DJ will have an understanding of the perspective of your other hired professionals. They will know how to communicate to other vendors. Things often change at the last minute. Sometimes you communicate one thing to one vendor and not to another.  If your DJ does not communicate well with other vendors it could lead to special moments being missed at your reception.

5. An amateur DJ will not have backup equipment, which means that if something fails, you won't have music at your reception.
I can also recall a time when I was asked to fill in for the DJ by playing the music through an iPad. When one of the cords malfunctioned, there was nothing we could do.

6. The DJ impacts the mood of your guest for better or for worse.
A great DJ will interact with your guests, encouraging them to have a good time.  I have personally witnessed a well-meaning DJ say overly suggestive things to the crowd, ruining the mood.

7.  As with all non-professional vendors, amateur DJ's aren't professionally invested in your wedding.
If something goes wrong at your wedding, it won't matter to a DJ who's just doing it for fun.  A professional DJ's reputation is on the line.  Also, many amateur DJ's will not present you with a contract, leaving you with little recourse should things go wrong.

You invest so much time and money into your wedding day.  Don't take chances by hiring an amateur DJ.  Need a place to start?  Call us today 318-549-9663, we have a little black book of professional vendors to choose from.

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