Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: blo:Blo Dry Bar

A woman's hair is her crowning glory and many of our clients want to feel like queens!  That's why we were super excited when we heard about Shreveport's latest addition to the beauty market, Blo: Blow Dry Bar, located at 955 Pierremont Road, Suite 100.

We sat down with the salon's owner, Joey Robinson, to get the scoop on what makes this place the go-to salon for bombshell blow outs.  When you first walk in, it's clear that Blo is in a class of it's own.  The salon is clean, modern, and the decor is accentuated with the franchise's signature pop of pink that fans of popular worldwide chain have come to know so well.  Known for their "no cuts, no color" concept, the salon offers high quality blowouts at affordable prices.  Customers can choose one of 7 styles from their trendy hair menu (our favorite is the holly would) or come in with your own ideas.  What makes blo so unique is that they specialize in “catwalk quality” blowouts, something that has been noticeably missing from the Shreveport area. 

Joey Robinson and team.

Why do we think Blo is perfect for our brides?

Blo offers the ability to book private parties, perfect for bridal showers or girl's night out. They also offer their signature “Blo On The Go” bridal services which include a 45 minute consultation prior to your big day.  We KNOW our clients love to be pampered and Blo promises a hair experience like no other from the warm greeting as you enter to the soothing head massage, it’s clear to see you’re in good hands when you’re in one of their chairs.

To book an appointment call Joey or one of her stylists at 318-754-3023.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hiring the PERFECT vendor team

Hiring the right vendor team for your wedding is crucial.  Making the wrong decision can negatively affect your experience and your budget.  Therefore it can be quite stressful.  Unless you plan weddings every day, it might be confusing to figure out what questions to ask and where to start. Relax.  Below, we give you some key pointers to get you started and help ensure your wedding planning process is a breeze.

1. Research. Research. Research.
By preparing yourself before meeting with any vendor, you'll get much more out of your meeting and be able to make more informed decisions.  Talk to couples you know who have gotten married recently.  Find out how much products and professional services generally cost in your area so you can be prepared for any quotes that are given to you.  The internet can be a great resource.  If you don't know anyone who has gotten married lately or you are planning your wedding in an area where you don't live, wedding boards and chat rooms are great for sharing information.

2. Set Up a Meeting.
In today's fast-paced society, we tend to gravitate towards electronic communication.  However, a face-to-face meeting, is essential to evaluating a vendor's personality, professionalism, and style.  If a face-to-face meeting isn't possible, schedule a phone conversation.

3. Ask for references.
Let's be honest, if you ask a vendor for a reference, he/she will provide you with a list of clients that have been pleased with their services.  You'll likely get some good reviews.  However, you can usually read between the lines if things weren't as perfect as they seem.  In addition to asking for client references, ask for professional references.  Find out which other vendors they've worked with.  This will also give you a better idea of their level of expertise.  Don't just rely on the referrals provided to you.  Check out sites like weddingwire.com and facebook.com to see their ratings and reviews.  

4. Ask Questions.
The saying goes, there's no such thing as a stupid question.  And while that may be true, it's best to ask thoughtful questions that will help you make the best decision.  Here is a list of the top 5 questions you simply MUST ask each vendor:

  • How many weddings do you handle per year?
    • The answer to this question will help you to determine their level of expertise and with some vendors- such as wedding planners- how much attention they will be able to give to you and your wedding.
  • How much do you cost?/How much is the deposit?
    • Pricing varies based on services included and experience.  Be careful not to make a decision based on price alone - but consider everything included.  The lowest cost isn't always the best deal.
  • What happens if I cancel?  What happens if you can't perform services?
    • Find out if your deposit is refundable and under which circumstances if so.  Also, the best wedding professionals will have a backup plan in case of an emergency.
  • Will you provide a contract?
    • If the answer is no, back away slowly from the table, turn around and RUN!!!  Contracts are designed to protect both you and the wedding vendor.  Do NOT settle for a verbal agreement.
  • Are there any additional fees?
    • Taxes, gratuities, surcharges, and other fees can add up quickly.
We believe forming the perfect vendor team begins with hiring a wedding planner who can refer you to vendors who match your budget, personality, and style.  We take a great deal of time in getting to know you and begin by referring you to professional, reliable vendors who have already met our high expectations.  Call 318-549-9663 NOW to let one of our licensed coordinators help you begin building the vendor team of your wedding dreams.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life Is Not Pinterest Perfect: 6 Reasons Why Brides Should Just Say No To Pinterest


Ahh, Pinterest!  How we love/hate Pinterest.  Thanks, in part, to Pinterest, we've seen society revert back to focusing on the little things.  And while we love that people are getting back to the basics in a creative way- low-calorie lemonade in a mason jar, the DIY bridesmaids' gifts, and packing healthy bento box lunches- we've also seen social media, particularly Pinterest drive our brides absolutely batty.  While I might be committing wedding planner suicide by admitting this, I'll just go ahead and say it- brides should stay away from Pinterest.  Here are 6 reasons why:

1. It's endless.  Pinterest is great for inspiration.  Seeing your wedding theme or colors through someone else's eyes can offer a different perspective and introduce many new possibilities but often brides find themselves in a never ending rabbit hole of ideas that don't represent a cohesive vision.  Clicking on one picture will lead you to another board and another pin and another board.....you get the point.  Eventually you've clicked away from your original vision, only now you're in love with a glitzy glam linen and you're planning a vintage themed wedding.

2. It can make you feel bad.  Pinterest is full of gorgeous wedding photos.  What most brides don't realize is that many of these photos are staged- for photos....so they'll look good....on Pinterest.  What you'll find is noticeably absent from many of these photos are real people actually enjoying all of the hard work that went into making the photo happen.  Many will find that duplicating every element seen in a Pinterest photo can be expensive.  You'll soon start asking yourself why you can't afford that dress or why you didn't think of that idea.  Comparing yourself or your wedding to what you see on Pinterest can make you feel jealous of what you don't have as opposed to focusing on what you do have.

3. DIY overload. Before Pinterest brides weren't expected to handcraft everything from their invitations to the centerpiece and backdrop.  Now that so many creative people have an outlet to showcase their craftiness, many brides think they have to DIY everything to have the perfect wedding and that's simply not true.  Unless you were born with a hot-glue gun in your hand, trying to make your own guest book using foraged leaves and twine just may not be for you.  Don't believe me, just google "Pinterest fails" to see how Pinterest craft projects turned into real life disasters.

4. It stifles your creativity.  Pinterest is full of pictures of other people's weddings.  Believe it or not, there was a time when we planned weddings using only the ideas in our heads and not inspiration boards created by other people.  By planning your wedding on Pinterest, you run the risk of using the same ideas as everyone else.  You also lose the element of creating a day that represents you as a couple.  Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through.  After all, your friends and family want to see you reflected in your wedding.

5. It tells all your secrets.  Thankfully, Pinterest has introduced the hidden board option, so now you don't have to let everyone in on all of your wedding details via pin but half the fun of pinning is sharing.  By letting everyone see your inspiration board, your guests will get a sneak peak of what your wedding will be like and it totally ruins the effect of seeing it when it all comes together.

And the most important point:

6. It's not real life.  Sure, that tablescape looked great on Pinterest but that is because the photographer knew exactly which angle to shoot it from and edited the image to make that centerpiece look just right.  The same goes for every dress, shoe, and invitation you see online.  You're looking at a version of reality that simply can't be duplicated in real life.  Life isn't Pinterest perfect, and why should it be?  When your guests reflect on your wedding, they might remember the centerpiece or the food, but chances are they won't.  What they will remember is the moments in between, the way they felt when they saw you two steal a glance, or the look on the mother of the bride's face as she watches her daughter walk down the aisle.  Those moments are what your wedding is really about, and that's something that even the most seasoned Pinterest veteran can't pin.

Need help creating a wedding that is totally YOU?  Give us a call now.  Let one of our coordinators help you craft a love story that reflects who you truly are as a couple, 318.549.9663.