Monday, May 12, 2014

5 things all GREAT wedding planners know,but will never tell you.

Any seasoned wedding planner, will have a few tricks up his or her sleeve.  The best of them make the job look easy and seamless.  Here are a few things, they wish you knew.

1.  Something WILL go wrong.  Whether it's the baker arriving an hour late with the cake or favors that get "misplaced," something will go wrong.  However, the best wedding coordinators will keep it a secret and only involve you if absolutely necessary so your experience is worry free.   You hire a wedding coordinator to handle these mishaps for you and their experience usually finds them prepared for almost anything with go-to vendors on speed dial, alternate arrangements, and emergency kits.

2. There is ALWAYS a budget.  Even celebrities and millionaires have budgets and so do you.  Planning a wedding for a client who says, "I'll just pay for things as they come up" can be difficult for wedding planners who usually base their referrals, suggestions, and even their fees on your budget.  Be open and honest with your planner about what you can truly afford and feel comfortable spending to avoid awkward moments when he or she refers you to a venue or vendor that you can't afford.

3. There is always competition.  From the church coordinator to the controlling bridesmaid, there's always another "coordinator" at every wedding.  She will be the one telling you how she would have done a better job than the person you hired.  It's best to assign these well-meaning loved-ones an "important" task so they feel valued.  Be sure to consult her often for advice and remember to thank her for her input.  Make sure she knows your wedding couldn't be successful without her but by all means, keep her out of the coordinator's way.  You don't want your wedding coordinator's time tied up by someone questioning her about everything she is doing.

4. We don't wear headsets and heels.  The very best of us know the value of a comfortable shoe.  There's a lot of walking, standing, lifting, and arranging.  This job is not all glitz and glamour.

5. We're usually unavailable on weekends.  Most weddings occur on the weekends.  From the rehearsal to returning rentals, most wedding coordinators will have devoted their time to the couple that has booked them on that weekend.  Be considerate, if you call or email your wedding planner over the weekend wait until the following Monday for a response.

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